• a community led and owned LSP
  • built in partnership between multiple vendors and dozens of libraries
  • designed for the cloud, modular and modern
  • built for today’s users and devices
  • inclusive, innovative, and impactful… FOLIO is the first of its kind!
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Our mission

Our mission is to deliver on the promise of FOLIO – be an open community supporting the evolving needs of global libraries with a platform that serves us now and into the future. We want our community to be open, strong, diverse, global and sustained. The technology we create and manage should facilitate innovation, be robust and reliable.

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A community collaboration

The success of FOLIO is a credit to the ability of our community to collaborate effectively. We leverage Councils and SIGs to steer the community’s efforts and an agile development process to ensure quality and nimbleness in the product. Over the course of the last 5+ years we’ve developed practices and habits that allow all to contribute.

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FOLIO memberships

Without donated resources the FOLIO LSP wouldn’t be possible. We count on member organizations to commit resources that allow FOLIO activities to be sustained, including:

  • Development and maintenance of the platform
  • Operation of the cloud environment used for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery as well as community demo/testing
  • Software licenses (collaboration, testing, code quality, etc.) required for operating a project the scale of FOLIO

There are different membership levels, allowing each organization to donate commensurate with their organization size.

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Platform & Roadmap

The Platform is sophisticated — its architecture includes microservices, message queues, and containerization. The Roadmap is planned at the Epic level and then distilled down into user stories and shaped by adopters.

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