Architecture & Technology

FOLIO was designed from the ground up to be an extensible and technically interesting system. API driven, the heart of the architecture is the API gateway OKAPI, which proxies both general module and tenant management APIs, as well as endpoints for accessing module-provided, business-logic specific interfaces, e.g. Patron management or Circulation.

The User Interface of FOLIO relies on Stripes – a toolkit for building single-page web applications that FOLIO UI modules can run in.

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FOLIO delivers new features at a steady pace through our frequent flower releases. The functionality covers the spectrum of library workflows from Metadata Management, Acquisitions, ERM, Circulation, Reporting and many other areas.

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The roadmap of features that are to be created is dynamic. The community determines the priority of new features and the product council collects these priorities and publishes our feature roadmap.

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FOLIO supports multiple active development teams, each typically including backend (Java) and frontend (Javascript) developers. These teams operate in synchronized sprints across the project, coordinating with each other using shared tools and processes.

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Hosting & Service Options

One of the core objectives of the FOLIO project is to provide choice for libraries, including how to have it hosted, and who to work with for support. There are many options for both!

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