Our Community

Our community consists of libraries, developers, vendors, consortia and networks all working together to build an open source library services platform that inspires innovation and delivers both new and traditional resource management functionality.

Ways to get involved


Librarians contribute their expertise as subject matter experts. As the primary users of the platform, the project depends on librarians’ skills and experience to guide the development.

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Developers and UX designers work in close collaboration with librarians. Using an agile development process, developers build out the platform and modules and ensure compatibility between all the components.

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Vendors can offer a package of hosting and support services to libraries who implement FOLIO. Often Vendors will contribute resources to build or sustain FOLIO. They can also integrate their existing apps to the platform – or create and market new ones.

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Networks & Consortia

Networks & Consortia represent a collection of libraries and often provide services themselves. As such, they share interests and roles with our other community constituents; providing subject matter expertise, delivering FOLIO services, and contributing development or other resources.

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Councils & Governance

The FOLIO Community has formed its own Governance model, which relies on councils to oversee different (Community, Product, Technical) aspects of the project. Council members are elected and come from organizations that are official FOLIO Members.

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Adoption of FOLIO is rapid and global. From Large ARLs, National Libraries, US Public Libraries to Community Colleges, FOLIO has proven to be fit for a wide range of requirements.

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Our Members

Committed to supporting FOLIO, these organizations are representative of the entire community. Their membership is an important element of FOLIO’s long term success.

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