An essential part of the community, Developers create the functionality that is FOLIO. UX Designers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Architects are included in our Developer group.

Agile, innovative, collaborative and methodical

Our developers collaborate with each other and the rest of the community using an agile approach. The project works in two week sprints towards multiple releases each year. There are several contributors to our development effort each sprint:

  • Product Owners collect requirements from Librarians and other Subject Matter Experts, and work with the dev teams to break those down into stories that can be pulled into a sprint
  • Architects and Tech Leads help teams make technical decisions as needed
  • Scrum Masters work with teams to plan each sprint and remove blockers as needed. Also, Scrum Masters work with each other so that teams’ efforts are well coordinated
  • Developers in each team implement features, including appropriate test automation to insure quality and sustainability
  • DevOps engineers maintain the CI/CD pipelines as well as the health of the various repositories. They also insure releases are tagged and published accurately

FOLIO leverages many different tools, frameworks – check out the whole Tech Stack.

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