Vendor participation is a vital and defining aspect of what makes FOLIO unique and its community strong. Often playing dual roles, Vendors provide services to FOLIO adopters as well as contribute resources to the project’s development.

Collaborators and partners

Since inception, FOLIO has relied on close collaboration of Vendors and Librarians to bring its vision to life.

Vendors, or more precisely their staff, collaborate with the entire FOLIO community up and down the spectrum of roles. Vendors contribute significant resources, working shoulder to shoulder with individuals from Libraries and other Vendors to form a cohesive, diverse and powerful team. FOLIO benefits from their expertise, and Vendors benefit from the discussions, and lessons learned in building FOLIO.

Vendors are able to build relationships that grow from collaborators into business partners, providing needed services to Libraries that adopt FOLIO. Vendors have even developed business relationships with other FOLIO Vendors, offering cooperative services.

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