Chalmers University of Technology Named First FOLIO Beta Partner for EBSCO Information Services

Top Swedish University to Leverage FOLIO Library Services Platform

IPSWICH, Mass. — November 29, 2017 — EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is teaming up with Chalmers University of Technology to serve as the first FOLIO beta partner. As a touchstone for the global academic library community, Chalmers Library will prove out FOLIO’s ability to satisfy traditional resource management requirements while allowing for extensibility into new services based on a vibrant new technology ecosystem for libraries.

FOLIO, a community collaboration to develop an open source LSP, is being built in collaboration with more than a dozen organizations worldwide. The beta program is an instrumental step in developing and establishing FOLIO as the primary platform shared globally for library management and enablement.

Chalmers University Head of the Department of Communication and Learning in Science and Library Director, Daniel Forsman says the beta partnership allows Chalmers to explore, learn and share its work within the FOLIO community. “The promise of a modern, flexible and open systems architecture provides us with capabilities that go beyond a library service platform. The true strength of FOLIO is, however, not the technology but the network of libraries and service providers collaborating and sharing a vision of an open eco-system for services and content.”

Forsman says the partnership will have benefits beyond the university. “Implementing FOLIO, replacing our costly and bloated library systems, with more tailored workflows is just the first step. I am certain we will be surprised and gain insights from the community as we continue to innovate and develop more efficient and stronger user experiences. But my hope for FOLIO does not end with benefits for users at Chalmers University of Technology, I see a framework that has the potential to communicate and utilize our research and education for a global audience.”

The partnership will also help EBSCO develop hosting and services that will enable libraries of all sizes to leverage the full benefits of FOLIO, ultimately demonstrating its viability as a practical and compelling library services platform.

EBSCO Information Services Senior Vice President of SaaS Products and Platforms John Law says having Chalmers University of Technology as a beta site will provide EBSCO with essential, actionable information as part of the development process. “Daniel’s vision, insight and expertise as an innovation leader in the academic library sector along with the advanced posture of the Chalmers Library will play a critically important role ensuring the success of FOLIO. The fundamental goal of this beta program is to deliver a highly functional, increasingly powerful technology platform to advance the capabilities of Chalmers Library.”

FOLIO, which stands for the Future of Libraries is Open, is a community coming together to develop a reimagined library services platform, one that supports traditional resource management requirements and functionality, yet is engineered for innovation and growth through industry collaboration. FOLIO allows for extensibility into new services for libraries and will dramatically change the technology ecosystem available to libraries, service providers and technology developers.