Community Update: FOLIO Development

The FOLIO project utilizes the agile method of development. Within that framework, each development cycle is called a Sprint. In the FOLIO project, each Sprint period is two weeks. The following bullets represent items delivered in Sprints 24 & 25.


  • Orders API and functionality to
    • Get, Create update & Delete Purchase Orders
    • Get, Create Update and Delete PO line items
    • Unit tests for above
  • Fund Management
    • Prototype & UI design for Fund Management

UI Components in Stripes

  • Confirmation modals
  • Edit forms for addresses
    • Restyling of field and control layout
    • Ability to add and remove multiple addresses


  • Unlimited notes for items as well as modification and deletes
  • Request & Recall forms with:
    • integrated patron and item search
    • Delivery option and addresses
  • Loan Rules Editor (initial version)
  • Loan Policy editor
  • Proxy improvements
  • Improved loan details page
  • Initial library schedule for loan calculations


  • Shelving location Editor


  • UI Improvements for creation, modification & deletion of Instance records.
  • Updates to display of record details
  • Major UI improvements for dealing with repeatable and optional fields and subfields
  • Controlled field options


  • Improvements for microservice status display


  • Improvements in SAML bindings and attributes for additional field support
  • Field validations
  • IDP metadata downloads for configuration/setup

ERM functionality

  • Updates for OKAPI 2.0
  • External KB-API authentication configuration and verification
  • Triple column layout for searching, packages, vendors & titles
  • Enable/Disable packages

Performance testing with 10 million bibliographic records