FOLIO Launches Poppy Release 

~ Latest FOLIO Platform Update Includes Enhancements for Consortia Support, Automated Authority Linking, Data Import, a New Lists Application and More ~

PHILADELPHIA — February 29, 2024 — The  FOLIO  Open Source Community has launched the sixteenth named release as the platform continues to add features and functionality to the library services platform (LSP). The Poppy Release updates existing apps and features, including acquisitions, data import, and circulation, and welcomes the Lists app, an application for creating custom list(s) of records. 

The Poppy Release offers platform enhancements that provide librarians with a better user experience in the FOLIO platform. These improvements include: 

  • Enhanced Consortia Support: Includes a set of functionalities that can be enabled to allow streamlined administration of multiple FOLIO tenants and to enable those tenants’ users to collaborate seamlessly on supported workflows.  
  • Lists App: Features a user-friendly query tool that leverages data across FOLIO to enable staff to create custom lists of records. The resulting lists provide actionable insights, empowering libraries to make informed decisions about their collections, services, and operations.  
  • Automated Authority Linking: FOLIO now supports automated authority linking, which is the ability to click an action to link bibliographic fields to authority headings automatically. This allows a user to update automated linking rules (enable or disable field for automated linking.)  
  • Bulk Edit Features: The functionality focused on item notes as well as item and holdings record suppression from discovery. 
  • Improved Data Import Reliability: Enables libraries to process large MARC 21 files reliably through data import. When enabled, the system automatically splits large files into smaller parts, which are optimal for processing. 

In addition to the updates mentioned above, there are continued improvements to OAI-PMH, ERM, and other platform enhancements.  

AUL for Technical & Access Services at Stanford and co-chair of the FOLIO Product Council, Alexis Manheim, says that the new and improved functionality included in Poppy strategically enhances the platform. “The Poppy Release introduces the Lists App, which will give FOLIO libraries more information for improved decision making, while also expanding MARC authority functionality, billing and notice options, and many other features to improve the user experience and the overall efficiency of the system.” 

Information about the FOLIO Community and the upcoming releases can be found at Details of the complete list of improvements in the Poppy Release can be found on the FOLIO Wiki


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