FOLIO Library Services Platform Launches Kiwi Release

~ Latest FOLIO Platform Update Focuses on User Experience Improvements ~

PHILADELPHIA — January 13, 2022 — The FOLIO Open Source Community has issued its latest named release as the platform continues to add features and functionality to the library services platform (LSP). The Kiwi Release includes platform updates and integration improvements in addition to user experience (UX) improvements and features.

The Kiwi Release offers platform enhancements that provide librarians with a more efficient user experience in the FOLIO platform. These enhancements include updates made to cataloging where libraries can now manage MARC holdings in FOLIO. Improvements to acquisitions provide the LSP with even more flexibility when creating new orders via GOBI®. The Kiwi Release also made improvements to circulation by providing improved logging related to patron notice processing as to capture all errors and add them to circulation log. These are just a few of the improvements made in the Kiwi Release, view the full list of improvements here.

Kristin Martin, Director of Technical Services from the University of Chicago and co-chair of the FOLIO Product Council, says the Kiwi Release demonstrates FOLIO’s continued commitment to improving the user experience for libraries adopting FOLIO. “We are approaching fifty libraries live on FOLIO and the named releases from the FOLIO community has allowed more and more libraries to adopt and manage their operations on the open source LSP.”

Academic institutions have taken a variety of pathways when moving to FOLIO, between full implementation to starting with ERM (electronic resource management) functionality before replacing an existing ILS or by leveraging FOLIO apps such as circulation and inventory.

As libraries continue to implement the FOLIO LSP, FOLIO developers ensure that components can be readily developed or replaced in new releases as technologies and requirements evolve. The next release will be the Lotus Release which is expected in April 2022. Information about the FOLIO Community and the upcoming releases can be found at


FOLIO is a collaborative effort among libraries, vendors, developers and consortia that leverages open source technology and a community-based effort to redefine library services and innovate based on library futures. By building on what libraries need and by leveraging library expertise as well as vendor capacity and velocity, FOLIO is designed to move libraries forward, build on the services they provide and redefine the role libraries play within their institution. FOLIO also levels the playing field and makes open source technology available to all institutions regardless of size or staffing. FOLIO brings vendors together to innovate and host services for customers and introduces open source as a service to libraries. To sign up to participate or receive more information go to

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