FOLIO Project Report – September 9, 2019

The Resource Management SIG enjoyed a lively demo and discussion around Chalmers implementation of the Agreements, eHoldings, and Licenses Apps, and their monographic acquisitions workflows.

The Metadata Management SIG viewed the results of some mapping updates for Data Import. Among other things, index title, call numbers, and subjects with $2 are now importing cleanly and correctly. The SIG also talked about how elements with no values should display or if they should be hidden. In order to have as much consistency as possible across apps, it was agreed that empty fields should display with “-” as the value. The Capacity Planning Team has been invited to next week’s meeting to address some features that are not cap-mvp.

The Report Prototype Working Group of the Reporting SIG is developing high priority report prototypes and queries. LDP Developers are working on anonymization of personal data in the LDP to comply with GDPR standards.

The Resource Access SIG set performance requirements for material check-in, and continued to work on behavior around lost items, renewals, and claimed returned items.

Wayne Schneider of the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG presented an innovation in module deployment that helps people who run a production system to deploy modules outside of Okapi. The procedure creates module metadata in a YAML file, which is needed to deploy the container that holds the module.

Future discussions will be about Integrations and Hosting Environments (reference installations), which will become more important as more implementations approach the go-live date. Next week, the SIG will talk about FOLIO and Data Privacy and Data Protection, particularly in relation to GDPR.

The next FOLIO Forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG is Wednesday, September 18. This forum will update the community on the user experience design process and accessibility efforts. (Registration link: October’s FOLIO Forum is a roadmap update following the Daisy version release at the end of the month.