FOLIO Project Update – February, 2017

In an effort to keep the community informed on the FOLIO project, we will be posting monthly community updates, including information on what’s happening in the community, discussions in Special Interest Groups, past and upcoming webinars (FOLIOForums), engagement metrics, and a section dedicated to developer updates.

Community Updates

On January 17 the National Library of Hungary hosted a FOLIO Day in Budapest. The 100+ attendees had a full schedule of speakers, including Neil Block and Christopher Spalding from EBSCO, Mark Denham from the University of Glasgow, Jakub Skoczen from Index Data, and Marc Johnson from K-Int.

The University of Sydney hosted the Symposium on the Future of Libraries on February 13th. Over 40 people attended. Speakers included Anne Bell, University Librarian, University of Sydney; John Law, Senior VP, SaaS Products and Platforms, EBSCO; Tony Zanders, VP, Global Customer Development, EBSCO; Sebastian Hammer, President and Co-Founder, Index Data; Lynn Bailey, CEO, Index Data; Belinda Norman, University of Sydney.

Community Discussions

The four functional Special Interest Groups (Metadata Management, Resource Management, User Management, and Resource Access) have set regular weekly meeting times via conference call service.  See their pages on for details about dates, times and connection information.  The SIGs are reviewing and prioritizing a list of features for development in Version 1 of the FOLIO platform.  The prioritized list will inform both the scope of the user experience design work and the specificity of detail in the roadmap.

  • The Internationalization SIG is going to be holding its first meeting in February. Contact Peter Murray (interim SIG convener) if you are interested in joining.
  • The Internationalization (I18N) SIG has started. (Details at  Proposals for other SIGs are also being drafted:  Reporting, System Operations and Management, Security/Privacy, and Consortial Operations.  Watch for postings on for details.
  • Most SIGs reviewed the requirements on the FOLIO Release 2018 spreadsheet to prioritize what must be in the first release and what will be added in subsequent releases. The Resource Management SIG reviewed prototype concepts with Filip (recording at  The Metadata Management SIG is discussing the Knowledgebase and Metadata Scope and Domain document draft from Marc (


Every two weeks, we host a #FOLIOForum webinar to help the library community stay up-to-date with FOLIO development, learn how librarians are contributing to FOLIO, and how to engage with the FOLIO code. We record these forums for later use.

The Onboarding FOLIO Community Developers: FOLIO Forum was held on February 1st. Firsthand account of how to get set up as a developer in the FOLIO developer ecosystem. The recording is here:

Upcoming/Recent FOLIOForums:

FOLIO Firsthand: Strategic goals for small & midsize institutions
Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017, 11 AM EST

FOLIO Firsthand: FOLIO in the UK
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017, time TBD

Engagement Metrics/Website Updates

The FOLIO community is growing. Stats to date include:

  • 785 followers on Twitter
  • 17,146 visitors to the website since June 1
  • 3062 subscribers to the newsletter

Development Updates

The development teams continued work taking on a total of 97 items. The teams worked on Inventory search and results listing and Platform aspects such as environmental var handling for centralized storage of configuration information, CQL tuning and improvements for searching, filtering, dates, numbers, and Unicode. Other areas of focus included:

  • Tenant API support for basic initialization and disabling of modules
  • Evaluation of testing platforms and tools for CI/CD/testing
    • Stripes (UI)
      • Local state in stripes-connect
    • FOLIO exemplar app: User/Patron functionality including search, filtering, sorting and permissions