FOLIO Project Update – Week of April 13, 2020

The FOLIO Implementation Group  met with members of the Tech Council to discuss release management including how to denote a major release, how long to allow back-porting of security and feature fixes. The FIG also discussed when during the year might be a good time to plan for major releases. The discussion will be taken to the Product Council. Please see our notes for a link to the slide deck outlining these discussions.

The Resource Management SIG discussed notes at the Agreement line level, including what types of notes were needed and how they could be recorded. This discussion also circled back to the workflow for tracking and managing perpetual/post-cancellation access. The SIG also reviewed the RM-Costs Cluster Prototype, which provides the basis for many reports on expenditures, and issues related to receiving without an order record (UX-Prod 1581)

Magda Zacharska gave a demo of current functionality in Data Export (exporting records that have underlying MARC in SRS based on a list of UUIDs) to the Metadata Management SIG and outlined planned development for Q2 & Q3, which includes generating brief MARC to export for Instances without underlying MARC.

The Reporting SIG discussed the recent streamlining of the Reporting SIG wiki pages. Additional feedback from the community on the information provided in and organization of the Reporting SIG Wiki is encouraged. The LDP Reference environment was recently updated with a new table name schema to support query writing, and current queries have been updated to conform to the new schema. The RM, ERM, RA/UM, and MM subgroups continue to work with subject matter experts to develop report prototypes.

The next FOLIO Forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG is the Fameflower Roadmap Update and Course Reserves Demonstrations, which is scheduled for April 29, 2020. This Forum will use YouTube as the delivery mechanism, and no registration is required. See for details.