FOLIO Project Update – Week of April 15, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council welcomed Alexander Weiss of the Bavarian library network to the PC. Bjorn Muschall presented an app proposal for FOLIO that would help handle article processing charges for open access.  There was a brief discussion of the upcoming FOLIO working meeting in June.

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed topics for sessions at the working meeting, including Change Management, IG review of the Feature Prioritization/Gap Analysis document, how an Implementers Sandbox might help us work even more collaboratively. They also discussed adding a section to the Implementers Details pages on which Project Management tools we’re using in order to learn from each other.

The Consortia SIG received an overview of planned ReShare functionality for its MVP. Since consortial resource sharing can be handled by ReShare, FOLIO can focus on making sure the integration points (especially NCIP) are well-planned and robust. Identifying and fleshing out details about these integration points will likely be a continuing conversation at upcoming meetings.

Dennis Bridges joined the Metadata Management SIG meeting this week for a review of current and planned receiving and checkin functionality. The discussion included how these processes may interact with Inventory and also how information about pieces without items might be surfaced in discovery.

The Reporting SIG and the Report Prototype Working Group discussed plans for the FOLIO Face-to-face meeting in DC coming up in June. So far, sessions on building report prototypes in the LDP data warehouse and analyzing In-App reports are planned. The group also reviewed reporting features for ranking as part of the April FOLIO Gap Analysis process.

Ann-Marie joined the Resource Access SIG to discuss the implications of item records for electronic media and Renewal failure overrides were reviewed.