FOLIO Project Update – Week of April 27, 2020

Dennis Bridges walked the FOLIO Implementation Group through some major Acquisitions apps: organizations, finance, orders and receiving.

The Resource Management SIG and Acq Small Group discussed how to track money that had been “approved” in invoices, but is not directly associated with a POL and thus an encumbrance. The ERM Group continued the discussion of what to show for Agreement Lines on the Agreement.

The Metadata Management SIG discussed meeting plans for the next few months, including training sessions, focused wiki editing sessions, and feature review. Next week’s meeting will focus on bound-with materials.

The recording of the Fameflower Release Update and Course Reserves Demonstration from the Forum Facilitators SIG is on YouTube: The test of having all viewers participate via YouTube stream initially seems successful; the Forum Facilitators are taking feedback.  The next Forum is scheduled for May 20, 2020: Inventory and QuickMARC.