FOLIO Project Update – Week of April 29, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council welcomed SOAS back to active participation. Harry Kaplanian presented a proposal for developing documentation for SysOps, developers, and end users which the PC accepted.  He will work on a job description for a Project Manager as a first step. The PC also discussed the sessions we will want at the upcoming FOLIO days in June.

The FOLIO Implementation Group SIG had a lively discussion about how to answer, collect and share sites’ questions as they come up. They considered using Discuss and Slack for the conversations, then saving the question and answer to a wiki site. They also agreed to have sub-groups for people who are moving from the same system to FOLIO as well as Slack channels for those sub-groups. They will be linked from the Implementers Group wiki page.

The Resource Management SIG finalized its recommendations for the in-person meeting in June and had a discussion around invoicing screens and workflows. The ERM subgroup did not meet this week.

The Metadata Management SIG briefly reviewed tentative face-to-face meeting plans, to be discussed further when the final agenda is available. They shared some assumptions, questions, documentation, and further issues to be considered around Container records both in Inventory and across apps.

Holly Mistlebauer walked the Reporting SIG through the updates to the FOLIO JIRA system interface that she has created for reporting tickets to accommodate the data captured for each report requirement documented in the Report SIG Master Spreadsheet. The Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet will be kept for historical reference only, having been frozen and set to “View Only” at this point. The SIG is also forming a Data Privacy subgroup to gather data privacy requirements for the LDP data warehouse.

The Resource Access SIG had discussions of functionality for request limits by item state, anonymization of loan history and notice history, required elements for pick lists, circ behavior for On order and, In process items and record keeping/system behavior for damaged and missing pieces items.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG held a short meeting about the June Face-to-face meeting agenda. Only a limited number of SIG members will be able to attend. Topics of interest include: FOLIO Q2 Review, Setting up a Data Warehouse, Migration and implementation plans, SysOps Roadmap and challenges, hardening FOLIO Security. A small group formed to work on a Backlog for implementation strategies. The group includes Jason, Wayne, Adam, Jakub and Anton.

The Forum Facilitators SIG reports that the next FOLIO Forum will be on May 29, and will be the Roadmap Update.  A registration link will be coming out soon.