FOLIO Project Update – Week of April 8, 2019

During the FOLIO Product Council meeting, Harry provided a summary of Q1 accomplishments and Q2 planning. Harry also asked for input regarding who to send the next EPICs Prioritization list and whether to randomize the list or leave it sorted as a best-guess order. PC agreed that best-guess order was appropriate. PC discussed and reached some consensus on the groups that should plan to attend the Face-to-Face meeting in DC as well as the current tentative topics list.

The FOLIO Implementation Group met on Tuesday, May 9 with a kickoff meeting with the primary institution representatives and others who are interested. They decided that they’d like to have a face-to-face with Zoom option in DC on June 19. They also would like to be involved in reviewing the results of the gap analysis to put together a holistic view of priorities as a community.

The Metadata Management SIG talked briefly about the face-to-face meeting topics relating to Metadata Management. They may need to set up Zoom for any members unable to attend. Ann-Marie presented proposed solutions to HRIDs and UUIDs across Inventory, Source Record Storage, and MARCcat. We would like the option to retain HRIDs for Instance (bibliographic) records from previous systems. Still to be determined: do we need the same option for Holdings record identifiers?

The Forum Facilitators SIG reports that a recording of the MARCCat Forum is available on the YouTube channel: The next Forum is on ReShare on April 24 (registration).

The Community Outreach SIG completed the registration page for the June meeting and it is now available to the community. Emails went out to POs and SIGs to register. The SIG will coordinate meeting room assignments based on the agenda. The SIG is also working to coordinate and promote FOLIO events at ALA. Also, look for Clover and Daisy release badges to be released this week.