FOLIO Project Update – Week of August 13, 2018

The Accessibility SIG  is ready to begin testing in earnest next week. They are hopeful they can accomplish all the FOLIO testing within the week and have a report written by the week of the 27th.

The Metadata Management SIG reviewed the charge of the MarcCat subgroup, particularly the distinction between the FOLIO MarcCat app that is under development and WeCat which is the existing product MarcCat will be based on. The group plans on figuring out which existing features will go into MarcCat and what will need to be changed. Members of the team will be presenting a FOLIO Forum on Sept. 26th, focusing on the Inventory app.

The Reporting SIG is considering a partnership with Metridoc to support the reference data warehouse for FOLIO reporting. Although Metridoc could provide a platform for ingesting the data and making it available to reporting applications, much of the data transformation from JSON documents into a usable data structure still needs to be done by the FOLIO project. Reporting PO Nassib Nassar is working with the Technical Council and FOLIO developers on a proposal for the design of the data warehouse infrastructure and related data transformation processes.