FOLIO Project Update – Week of August 20, 2018

The Product Council reports good news on Product Owners: Nassib Nassar & Vince Bareau will be working with Reporting SIG and Peter Murray will be working with Workflows (see more below).  A couple of other people should also get PO assignments soon.

The ERM SIG subgroup presented a project plan to get an initial build going within 7 months.  There are a lot of integration questions and the SIG will be working with the Resource Management & Metadata Management SIGs as they proceed.  They will give monthly updates to the PC, probably on the 2nd Thursdays when the other SIG conveners will be present.  Their development work will soon be part of the FOLIO sprint reviews.

The eUsage subgroup also presented their project plan, with a June 2019 completion estimate.

The Technical Council presented a “Workflow Proof of Concept” proposal.  This is a 6-week process to get a true sense of what resources a full-fledged workflow engine would entail.  Three people have been assigned to see if a backend developer can be freed from another project to take on this assignment.  If so, the PoC work would begin in October.

A proposal for a fall (probably December) WOLFCon will come out next week.  The scope of the meeting will be determined later.

The Technical Council has been focused on scoping a proof of concept (PoC) around evaluating Camunda as the basis for a FOLIO Workflow System. The recommendation was to resource a 3 sprint (6 week) effort that requires a Sr Backend developer (TBD), plus a Product Owner (Peter Murray) and nominal DevOps resources, starting on Sprint 48 (aligning with Q4 so as not to disrupt active plans). The PC will consider and decide at its next meeting. Other work progresses per our backlog.

The University of Colorado Accessibility Lab finished the first round of testing with NVDA. They hope to have initial feedback ready early next week.

Consortia SIG members continued to review and prioritize consortial reporting needs. This is expected to be the SIG’s primary work item for the next 2-3 weeks.

The ERM Subgroup of the Resource Management SIG continues to work on UI design and requirements for electronic resource management within FOLIO. We discussed different ways of managing titles with canceled subscriptions but post-cancellation access to subscribed years. Acquisitions work took a break this week due to vacations.

Lynn Whittenberger has stepped down from her role as convener, though she will continue to participate in the Metadata Managemet SIG. Many thanks to Lynn for skillfully keeping us on task thus far. We discussed a simplified UX design for notes in Holdings and Item records. Charlotte will see if we can see a mock-up next week. Charlotte brought up an issue with deleting custom codes (in settings) for fields that are not required (ex: format in instance records). We determined the desired behavior in situations like this is for the system to display a warning message if the code is used in any records, but to still allow deletion. In this case, the code would be deleted anywhere it appeared (both in settings and in the records).