FOLIO Project Update – Week of August 27, 2018

The FOLIO Technical Council met and reviewed the backlog. New actions include Stripes Architecture Review and a consolidated quarterly release planning calendar for the community, which includes both development/quality milestones to end the quarter as well as planning milestones for the following quarter.

The Accessibility and Usability Lab at University of Colorado Boulder has concluded testing and is now in the process of compiling their findings into a presentable report for the Accessibility SIG .

The Consortia SIG continued its review of consortial reporting needs at their 8/29 meeting. Over the next couple weeks, they will be merging this with the Reporting SIG’s master spreadsheet of FOLIO reports. They will also be looking at historical data migration needs over the next two weeks.

The Resource Management SIG reports that the Acquisitions Small Group started back up after a week break. The ERM subgroup continued work focusing on dates and their meaning for ERM. There was a presentation of work done on the ERM to date. The initial build will integrate with the GOKb, and not use the e-holdings app. The batch loader subgroup also shared an update, and the group expressed its general support for the design and functionality.

The Metadata Management SIG looked at sketches Filip has made for a simplified UX for notes fields in Holdings and Item records. For V1, a list of note type values is needed. Charlotte will create a Discuss post for feedback and some quick “lazy consensus” decisions. Many of these notes are tied to underlying MARC fields (for those who use MFHD); editing/exporting implications was also discussed. As a group they viewed the Reporting SIG’s Historical Data Migration Survey, which generated a number of questions. Patty will take these questions back to Reporting for some clarification. The MarcCat subgroup will start meeting twice weekly and may use some regular MM meeting times.

A small workgroup comprised of members of the Reporting SIG has been formed to start building report prototypes for the data warehouse. Data elements for these reports will in the areas of loans, inventory and users. Holly presented a proposed interface to the Folio JIRA system for tracking and testing data warehouse and consortial reports. The Reporting SIG approved the new interface. Future meetings will focus on continued development of report prototypes.