FOLIO Project Update – Week of December 10, 2018

The FOLIO Product Counci continued the Codex discussion, its purpose and potential future implications.  Vince Bareau will be visiting some of the SIGs for more grassroots discussions. The Workflow Proof of Concept report was discussed, and it looks like the Camunda option is feasible.  The Tech Council will take a closer look and PC will likely review it again in January for a final decision.

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed the Workflow Proof of Concept; notes are available here. There are still open questions architecturally and schedule-wise as to how to proceed. More discussion next week.

The Accessibility SIG  reports that FOLIO testing of the check-in and check-out apps is continuing.  The testing is taking a bit longer than expected due to the lack of availability of low-vision testers.

The Forum Facilitators SIG reports that the FOLIO Year-in-Review will be on January 9, 2019; details will be published soon.