FOLIO Project Update – Week of December 16, 2019

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed Breeding’s survey of automation and urged institutions to include FOLIO in their reports. FOLIO as a community cannot contribute to the survey (similar to how other open source library communities have been handled). The SIG also shared information about WOLFcon and about local implementation progress.

The Metadata Management SIG looked at the query search (using CQL) capabilities in Inventory. Members are documenting sample search strategies and will start also documenting searches that do not work as expected.

The Reporting SIG reviewed table names in the Library Data Platform (LDP) development database and formulated recommendations for table name changes for better grouping, consistency and clarity. Progress continues on the development of report prototypes, queries, and query testing for the shared LDP Analytics github repository.

In addition, reporting topics for WOLFcon 2020 were consolidated from 9 to 4 session topics, with a focus on query development training for the LDP and report reviews for RA/UM, RM, and MM. The Reporting SIG will also offer a plenary session on the Library Data Platform and FOLIO Reporting at WOLFcon 2020.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG focused on bug fest bug fixing and the Q4 release. The SIG would like a WOLFcon discussion about the interaction of github and Jira for issue tracking. Also, there seems to be a degree of confusion about versioning of modules, making it difficult to track what is in a release.

Harry Kaplanian reported great news from Chalmers, demonstrating the “Chami” Chalmers middleware — a “magic button” service that Chalmers will make Open Source. This solution can be used for other systems, like OCLC. Also, at Chalmers, there is a comprehensive Dashboard for statistics that uses flat files and produces up-to-the-minute statistics.

Jo Drexl created a single and dual server postgres cluster as well as a master slave setup. Postgres has a new feature called streaming replication, which eliminates the time gap between master and slave.