FOLIO Project Update – Week of December 3, 2018

Technical Council presented issues with Stripes affecting performance time and usability to the FOLIO Product Council.  Issues can be addressed but will take substantial developer time.  The Product Council has asked for more analysis of how much the fix will cost by either (1) hiring outside help or (2) diverting current developers from planned Q1 (Bellis) work. The Capacity Planning group (Holly, Harry & Cate) presented the latest analysis of feature development.  Most Q4 (Aster) and Q1 (Bellis) goals will be reached but not all.  PC agreed to maintain the development focus in Bellis on Chalmers go-live needs.  This does not mean only Chalmers development is taking place, other early implementer go-live features are also being worked on.

The FOLIO Technical Council conducted a Stripes Inventory UI review: Following up on their previous item on the Stripes architectural issue, FrontSide has done analysis of the Inventory UI backlog. There is an opportunity to address some architectural issues within Stripes before they would affect Inventory UI timeline but would require more resources. They sent the issue to the Product Council. They will also be working to quantify the impact of dealing with this technical debt now vs in the future. Review of Asynchronous Event Service RFC is stalled, have asked reviewers to finalize. They will also examine the RFC process. Open Tech Strategies has been hired to evaluate FOLIO architecture for running in a multi-tenant, hosted environment. (They also did a review about two years ago.)The report will be shared with community, hopefully by the end of the year. The goal is to identify any gotchas that need to be resolved before go-live.

At the Consortia SIG meeting on December 5th, they began discussing their approach to creating vision documents for multi-tenant consortia functionality. They will use the previously-drafted Consortial Services Framework document to organize their work. SIG members prioritized “Infrastructure” as the first service/function that they will address. The Consortia SIG meeting for December 12th is canceled. The next meeting is December 19th.

The Resource Management SIG meeting featured a demo of the Licensing and Agreements app, as part of a suite of apps to support Electronic Resources Management within FOLIO. Discussion was lively, around the names of the apps, search fields, and storing of historical data. Work done to date will appear in the 2018 Q4 release (Aster).

There is a new subgroup of  the Metadata Management SIG: Special Collections & Archives (SC&A), led by Aaron Trehub. The Metadata Management meeting this week focused on a discussion of the scope of Inventory and Codex.

The Resource Access SIG reports an update regarding decisions differentiating Resource Access and User Management reports. There was a discussion of logic for shortened due date calculations and request related patron notice policy creation.

The Community Outreach SIG looked at drafts of the release logos; the goal is to have Aster and Bellis logos complete by the end of the month. Because of space limitations, Rachel will reach out to Product Owners to begin a list of who needs to be part of WOLFcon. The group also discussed a meetup in Fort Worth, TX, on February 6, 2019. The group also agreed to host an Aster release party at ALA Midwinter.

The draft report for the Workflow Proof-of-Concept has been sent to FOLIO Product Council and the FOLIO Technical Council for discussion this week. This concludes the Workflow Proof-of-Concept work. Special thanks to Jeremy Huff and William Welling from TAMU as well as Jeremy Warren from BP-3 consulting.