FOLIO Project Update – Week of December 9, 2019

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed the work that is happening with the single-tenant/multiple libraries, and added some use cases.

The Resource Management SIG discussed vouchers and how they should be exported and communicate with external accounts payable systems. This discussion built upon conversations with Acquisitions Small Group. The ERM Group looked at examples of Agreement structures.

The Metadata Management SIG continued a review and discussion of call number sorting and also considered the implications of material type (item) being a mandatory element.

The Reporting SIG has opened a public instance of the Library Data Platform for demonstration and testing purposes (see LDP Reference Environment). The latest version of the LDP software now includes support for historical data and data loading improvements. Three new reporting slack channels have been created and opened up to the FOLIO community: #ldp-announce, #ldp-users, and #ldp-sysadmin. LDP query development continues to focus on high priority reporting areas to support FOLIO implementations scheduled for 2020.

The Resource Access SIG reviewed requests in concert with several item states and discussed changes in status-history-related Jiras. The SIG also conducted a demo and discussion of new features for delivery, reordering of request queues and reasons for cancellation.

Harry Kaplanian reported to the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG about Chalmers’ experiences. The integration of Bibliotheca self-check machines is working, but patron notices settings needed to be changed. Overall, Chalmers is happy with the system and the circulation desk likes the software. Substantial changes were made in rolling out improvements and enhancements for EDS. Chalmers is using ERM with EBSCO’s Knowledge Base. RFID integration is also working.

Q4 Edelweiss has not yet been finally released.