FOLIO Project Update – Week of February 10, 2020

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed the Architectural Blueprint items that were presented at WOLFcon and how to move them forward. A subgroup will refine so that the items are grouped and scoped appropriately, and progress will be reviewed next week. TC also briefly discussed two out-of-band meetings that will take place related to Data Import and the Tech Lead’s recommendation on Tech Design, and the Code Review Process.

The Accessibility SIG  is currently focused on ensuring and validating that accessibility is considered in the ‘definition of done.’ Accessibility stories have been added to product backlogs. The SIG has also worked with Anton Emelianov to establish an Accessibility project within TestRail in order to begin accessibility validation. Additionally, the SIG continues the analysis and building the requirements for keyboard navigation shortcuts and hot keys.

Members of the Metadata Management SIG continue to work on a number of subgroups and working groups. The SIG is following up on conversations begun at WOLFcon, such as new values and options for the “Metadata Source” element in Inventory Instance records. The SIG was also joined this week by members of @Cult who gave a demo on the latest developments in MARCcat.

The Resource Access SIG has decided to center each of their two weekly meetings around a different purpose. Monday meetings will be led by Anya Arnold and will focus on using the SIGs collective wisdom on the needs and questions of the next round of implementers. Thursday meetings will continue to provide user stories and feedback for POs and developers.

This week, the SIG discussed the transition to this new schedule and outlined next steps, and then discussed the default list of patron blocks, fine/fee owners and pop-ups in inventory.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG  discussed recommendations of using of Docker containers throughout the project. While the SIG will continue to recommend using Docker, there should be more documentation about how the Docker images are being created. Sys Admins should know how to bring up the system even without Docker. The SIG would like to escalate this discussion to the Product or Technical Council.

In addition, the Texas A&M team gave an update on in-place module upgrades. They report that the system was left in an unworkable state. For some modules it worked; for others, not. There is no way to roll back. The SIG needs to know what had been done to the system, which steps succeeded and which steps failed. The system needs to be more talkative, with the ability to re-run, starting at the failing points.

The recording from the Library Data Platform forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG  is now available (  Registration for the next FOLIO Forum—Roadmap Update and Perpetua Demonstration on February 19—is also open: