FOLIO Project Update – Week of February 25, 2019

The FOLIO Technical Council updated and reviewed its backlog and discussed the progress related to development teams’ Definition of Done, which will be a regular quarterly exercise. It also discussed the UUID/HRID questions that have been active in the community – it will follow up in the future with potential recommendations.

The Accessibility SIG conducted their first “Power Hour” accessibility and usability test today on March 1.  Attendees were Khalilah Gambrell, John Colburn, Michael Williamson (from CU’s A11y Lab), Deb Hamrick, Beth German (TAMU) and Kevin Kidman (Cornell).  The testing produced useful results and helped to determine how to better structure the next Power Hour later this month.

Consortia SIG members continued discussing cross-tenant consortial features, focusing on use cases where consortia load data (patrons, bib data, orders, etc.) on behalf of their member libraries. A couple key conversations are in the works for upcoming weeks, including opportunities for integration between FOLIO and ConsortiaManager, and feedback on current thinking/approaches in ReShare.

The Resource Management SIG reviewed interactions between Orders and Inventory, and walked through the Receiving workflow. The ERM Small Group previewed new functionality coded for licenses.

The Metadata Management SIG briefly touched on MARC validation when records are brought in to Source Record Storage and MarcCat, as discussed in the MarcCat subgroup this week. Charlotte gave a demo of how brief, temporary Instance, Holdings, and Item records can be created when an order is changed from Pending to Open in the Orders app. They also continued the discussion of the Tech Council’s Codex Vision statement ( A google document with extensive comments from MM members is now linked to in the comments section on the wiki page.

The Resource Access SIG had a discussion of requirements for patron fine/fee notices and beginning of decision-making around overlapping features in circulation history.

The Forum Facilitators SIG reports that the next Forum is on March 13 covering the ERM App development (registration link).  Subsequent Forums cover the Usage App (March 27), the MARCCat App (April 10), Project ReShare (April 24), and the next quarterly update (May 8).

The Community Outreach SIG is working to finalize a date and location for the upcoming FOLIO in-person meeting. It looks like there will be a WOLFcon – for all projects of the Open Library Foundation – in January and the SIG be responsible to work with the OLF Outreach committee to plan the FOLIO portion of the conference.