FOLIO Project Update – Week of February 3, 2020

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed the Round II implementer requirements and the PO Response with Harry Kaplanian and Magda Zacharska. Requirements include single record and batch editing, export for discovery and matching on record import. EBSCO has offered a PO and small team to work on the single MARC record editor.

The Resource Management SIG discussed the receiving process and the connection between inventory and serials receiving, particularly around pieces without item records. The app interaction group considered the workflow for management of donor information, funds and recognition. ERM discussions revolved around exporting of Agreement information, license terms and steps to populate ERM apps.

The Metadata Management SIG was joined by Kelly Drake and Stephanie Buck to discuss the proposed development of a lightweight single MARC record editing tool.

A new version of the LDP (Library Data Platform) software has been released: version 0.4. For more information about the LDP software, see During this week’s meeting, the Reporting SIG discussed the division of report development work into 3 functional area teams: RA/UM, MM, and RM/ERM. The SIG also reviewed more LDP table mappings and naming.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG covered two topics:

  1. A support model for implementers – There is a working group who drafts a charge for a new SIG that will be concerned with this. Jason Root is on that working group. The SIG will need to define a Support Forum, which should collect Q&As and known issues for each release. Support will focus on bug fixes and monitoring the development cycle to fix issues that have been reported. Support like supplying a contact person for any installation problems is not being considered a task of the OS community, as there are vendors and companies who will offer this kind of support. The OS community supports creating a marketplace for vendors.
  2. Performance testing – Some work has been done by Anton Emelianov (QA Lead) using Jenkins and JMeter. The results are being collected in Grafana. TAMU also does performance testing and also collects in Grafana. It is important to have identical methods for all tests. Results will go through the TC and shall eventually be published in github.

The next FOLIO Forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG is on the Library Data Platform. It will be held on Wednesday, February 12 at 11:00am Eastern U.S. time (1500 UTC).  Registration link.