FOLIO Project Update – Week of January 13, 2020

The FOLIO Implementation Group attended the sprint review this week. The FIG has a tentative time scheduled at WOLFcon — Wednesday at lunch.

The Accessibility SIG  had a presentation from Gill Osguthorpe regarding ERM Accessibility. The work this group has done is a good example of the type of testing that is needed throughout FOLIO apps. The Accessibility SIG has compiled (but not yet analyzed) the results of a survey on keyboard shortcuts used in other ILSs.

The Metadata Management SIG reviewed session descriptions and proposed outcomes for WOLFcon next week. Lisa Furubotten provided sage advice about what kind of weather to prepare for.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG debated on two topics: Edelweiss release experiences and WOLFcon sessions. Regarding data loading, at Texas A&M, 1.7 Mio bib records have been loaded within 6 hours – not a particularly large number. The SIG then discussed postgres database configuration. Postgres itself is a great tool, but it is not being used in the way that it was designed, and thus needs to be replaced by another tool in the future.

Texas A&M is working on a crunchy postgres solution. Crunchy postgres is all free and open source, and A&M plans to pay for engineering support. Cornell and Chicago are also running postgres servers.

Jason Root has created a Wiki page with database upgrading experiences from Q3.2 to Q4. No tenant upgraded successfully. Chalmers is targeting to upgrade on Feb 4th. So far, they have upgraded multiple times with no data loss.

SysOps sessions on WOLFcon are almost all on Wednesday; data migration sessions are on Thursday and Friday.