FOLIO Project Update – Week of January 21, 2019

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed Edge APIs and their relationship to Okapi. A few have already been built and they need to weigh the pros/cons and decide on their inclusion in standard FOLIO builds. A call has been scheduled for Friday 25-Jan to discuss and decide. They also discussed the OTS report recommendations and the teams mixed reaction to some of their conclusions. They will schedule another call to get consensus and make a report/recommendation to the PC.

The Accessibility SIG  received blind tester feedback on the Check-In and Check-Out apps. They are still waiting on the low vision test results. The A11y SIG will begin holding Power Hour testing sessions twice a month starting in February.  Anyone familiar with assistive technology that would like to help us test user stories during these sessions should contact

The Consortia SIG continued to review UXPROD features, focusing on UXPROD-795 (loaning materials to consortial patrons). This discussion will continue next week as there is a lot to unpack here, including how much functionality is needed within FOLIO versus relying on other projects/applications (e.g. ReShare) to handle resource sharing within a consortium.

In the Metadata Management SIG subgroup work continues for Data Import, MARC-instance/MARC-holdings mapping, and MarcCat development. Khalilah Gambrell joined us this week to talk about search, sort, and filter interface challenges and developments.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG met to finalize the discussion of the Source Data and Integration spreadsheet. Integrations discussed were course management integrations (Moodle) and institutional repositories (TIND, Islandora These are mainly integrated to enlarge discoverability, not to integrate the source objects themselves into FOLIO. Digital Asset Management integration has the same goals. We finally discussed discovery integrations. Harry offered a demo of EDS integration in one of the next sessions. This will be likewise applicable to VuFind, Blacklight and others. Development for EDS integration is nearly done. The integrations of some systems used in Germany were discussed: Beluga, Lukida; DAIA for real-time availability. Lukida will be integrated by expansion of the drivers to include the API, development will be done by VZG staff.

The Forum Facilitators SIG hosted a webinar for the Outreach SIG on the tools and resources available on the website and for hosting local meetups. The recording is available on the Open Library Foundation YouTube channel.  The next forum is the rescheduled FOLIO Year-in-Review on FRIDAY, February 1st (registration link).  The next regular Wednesday forum is the FOLIO Roadmap Update on February 6 (registration link) followed by a webinar on the Open Library Foundation on February 20 (registration link soon).