FOLIO Project Update – Week of January 28, 2019

In the FOLIO Product Council, Harry gave a preview of the Roadmap update he will provide in next week’s FOLIO Forum and took suggestions from the group.

The FOLIO Technical Council met off schedule this week to discuss the Edge API architecture. They agreed to proceed with integrating the ones that have been built and are referred to in FOLIO-1630 into the standard FOLIO Build. However, they still haven’t agreed to a long term recommendation on the architecture for Edge APIs. Next week they are discussing the OTS report and will make a recommendation to the PC on next steps.

The Reporting SIG discussed the need for API interface documentation to be kept up-to-date (see UXPROD-1414) due to its impact on building the FOLIO Library Reporting Database (data warehouse environment). Also discussed were the ways in which maintaining a data warehouse environment in the future will require support, resources, and a commitment from FOLIO participants. Finally, they reviewed requirements for reporting applications, and our goals for 2019.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG formulated goals and desired outcomes of the envisioned FOLIO face-to-face meeting, with respect to SysOps concerns. On large scale, goals are grouped around deployment, data migration and integrations. A f2f with developers working on SysOps or data migration issues will be extremely desired. Also, the group strongly feels it needs a group f2f on deployment issues. The group desires a walkthrough on deployment scripts and configurations, and knowledge exchange on Docker/Kubernetes/Rancher. Issues on migration shall be gone through and user stories shall be built – together with dev representatives and other POs. Further, we need a detailed discussion on sample integrations. Gatherings could be done in form of workshops, a hackathon and a world-café.

The Forum Facilitators SIG reports that the recording of the FOLIO Year-in-Review is now available on the OLF YouTube channel.  The next regularly-scheduled Forum is February 6 on the roadmap update. Subsequent Forums are on the Open Library Foundation (February 20) and the ERM apps (March 13).