FOLIO Project Update – Week of July 1, 2019

The FOLIO Implementation Group reviewed the Trello board of implementer tasks. Implementation Group members are working on local implementation plans and will share updates as available.

The Resource Management SIG walked through workflows for renewals, building on conversation started at the FOLIO Working Meeting in June. The Acquisitions Small Group reviewed invoices, order templates, finances, and assigned UAT testing. The larger RM SIG did not meet due to a holiday in the US.

The Reporting SIG is completing many of its current projects through small work groups. Each group is providing weekly updates to the Reporting SIG. This week:

  • The Report Prototype Work Group discussed different ways the LDP architecture could be used to support reporting use cases, such as supporting cross-app and in-app reporting.
  • The Data Privacy Work Group is evaluating reports that require personal data in order to determine how to deliver this data while meeting both GDPR and audit trail requirements.
  • The LDP Sysops Working Group now has LDP implementations with test data at 2 institutions, and more test data is needed.

Reporting Software Developers are building data models in the LDP and exploring making a proof-of-concept for supporting eUsage reporting. The Reporting SIG also has begun “clustering” RA and RM reports with similar requirements to streamline workflow as report prototypes are developed.