FOLIO Project Update – Week of July 22, 2019

The Consortia SIG continued its discussion of Cross-Tenant Unmediated Requests. The SIG completed its review of the staff workflow for the Owning Library and began looking at the staff workflow for the Patron Library. Some discussion topics included how routing of consortial items works when branch libraries are involved, how loan periods are assigned, and who sends notices to patrons. There is a general desire to build upon the single-tenant FOLIO requests feature, so the SIG will be reviewing that functionality in the upcoming weeks while completing our first pass of workflows related to Cross-Tenant Unmediated Requests.

The Resource Management SIG had a lively discussion about renewals, ongoing subscriptions, and the role the purchase order should play in supporting renewals. The SIG considered when and how purchase orders for subscriptions should re-encumber funds, considering fiscal year rollover. The ERM subgroup considered the use of a task list (along with individual tasks) to support common ERM workflows and checklists that revolve Agreements and individual e-resources.

The Metadata Management SIG had a brief discussion of the JIRA feature review process thus far and the need to normalize across the community what a “go-live” ranking means. Most of the meeting focused on a big-picture discussion of batch editing needs. Pending review of use cases, round-tripping data (export, transform, reload) may function as a temporary workaround. Members of the MM SIG are interested in forming a data export working group.

The Reporting SIG has made good progress on organizing and ranking reporting functionality features. The Reporting Prototype Working Group is working on the Reporting Data Dictionary and clustering reports. The Reporting Data Privacy group has identified reports that will use personal information. The LDP SysOps group is actively seeking data sets for implementations of the LDP for testing.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG identified gaps in integrations prerequisites, including a missing feature in NCIP lookup user services. For integrating reporting systems, the SysOps SIG sees a large gap in building the data flow out of FOLIO to the LDP and in developing the LDP itself. These facilities have to be ready by January 2020; otherwise implementers will have to change their timelines.

The SIG also discussed different methods to export patron info into external systems. These solutions will require an edge API or will be a case for the workflow module. Export of data files will be an MVP go-live requirement. EDI is an important integration need that could be difficult to grapple with.