FOLIO Project Update – Week of July 8, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council elected Kirstin Kemner-Heek (GBV) as the  new Chair-Elect, effective on July 11: The related leadership changes include:

  • Jesse Koennecke (Cornell) assumes the role of Chair
  • Paula Sullenger (Texas A&M) assumes the role of Past-Chair
  • Sharon Wiles-Young (Lehigh) leaves her role as Past-Chair

Cate Boerema announced some upcoming additions and changes to several Product Owner roles.

The Product Council continued discussions about a Market Viable Product strategy, and will finalize a strategy statement at its July 18 meeting. The Product Council held no July 4 meeting due to US holiday.

The Consortia SIG continued its review of stories/workflows for the Cross-tenant Unmediated Resource Sharing scenario. The SIG has complete an initial pass of the workflow from the patron’s perspective and will be looking at the owning library’s staff perspective next. Drafts of all stories are linked from the wiki here.

The Consortia SIG has also put together a Consortia Profiles wiki page in order to collect more details about the variety of consortia represented at meetings. Any consortia participating in the SIG’s discussions are encouraged to add an entry for their consortium.

The Metadata Management SIG reviewed features (and their rankings) for Data Import, Data Export (development not yet begun), and Tags. The MM SIG continues to review features for Inventory and MARCcat in additional and subgroup meetings.

The Reporting SIG discussed the Reporting Data Dictionary, which includes clear definitions for FOLIO attributes that data analysts can use to build reports against their LDP (Library Data Platform) data warehouse implementations. The SIG is also clustering reports in each of the functional areas to streamline requirements for report data models. Reporting feature review and ranking is underway with a current focus on reporting functionality features.

The Resource Access SIG reviewed for gap analysis (re)ranking on UXPROD features for items. The RA SIG looked at notice recipients, discussed the new definition of MVP and what it implies, and reviewed Fee/Fine UXPROD features for possible re-ranking.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG resumed the discussion about securing Okapi and the communication between Okapi and the modules. Super user access to the database causes the most concerns for security. Intra-module communication and database communication encryption are not considered as large of a risk. Wayne Schneider will create four JIRA tickets about security issues which will be reviewed next week.