FOLIO Project Update – Week of June 1, 2020

The FOLIO Implementation Group reports that the Round IV institutions continue JIRA rankings.

The Resource Management SIG had the opportunity to chat with Marcia Borensztajn, the new FOLIO Technical Writer. The SIG looks forward to the work she will be able to do. The SIG also discussed an exciting new feature around being able to use FOLIO to place individual orders through emailing the vendor with a direct export of purchase order information. The ERM subgroup reviewed the display of notes on the Agreement record.

Marcia Borensztajn also joined the Metadata Management SIG to introduce herself and talk about documentation needs and challenges.

The Reporting SIG would like to celebrate the passage of a major milestone for reporting — the LDP development team have released LDP software version 1.0.The Reporting SIG is preparing to give a FOLIO Forum presentation in July to demonstrate report queries developed for the LDP, as well as working on identifying personal data to meet GDPR compliance.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG also had Marcia Borensztajn as a guest. She introduced herself and talked about how she approaches the work. FOLIO has been accepted to the Google Season of Docs program to assist with onboarding and mentoring writers. The SIG will accept 2 writers, and applications are coming in. The SIG explained what kind of documentation sysadmins will need. Marcia will focus on developing the right infrastructure and workflow for the documentation, and how to incorporate documentation into the code release processes. Marcia will work with SMEs who will get the code into it and review. Sysadmins will need a common, robust architectural diagram, as currently, the documentation is unevenly distributed at the single module level. The Task of the SysOps SIG will be to prioritize the list of modules.