FOLIO Project Update – Week of March 11, 2019

The Metadata Management SIG had a lively discussion about “authority” data and where it needs to fit in to the FOLIO ecosystem. The SIG will start with gathering use cases and then form a small group to review, reconcile, and report back to the larger group. This activity may inform the Inventory vision document we will also be working on in the near future, as requested by the Technical Council.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG announced the Crystal City working meeting. The group feels it needs to meet there and get together with developers. Waiting with that until WOLFCon will be too late. There are issues of integrations and data migration to be discussed now. Ann-Marie Breaux gave us a demo on GOBI integration. Two modules have been developed around Okapi which are GOBI-specific. An order is being placed in GOBI and then automatically created in the FOLIO orders app. Once items have been received, GOBI creates and Inventory record in FOLIO with as many holdings as there are locations and as many items as there are copies mentioned on the order line. Harrasowitz and other big content providers support ILSes the same way as GOBI does. This makes working with the big vendors as efficient as possible.

The Forum Facilitators SIG report that 69 people attended the Looking to the Future: Electronic Resources Management in FOLIO Forum on March 13, 2019.  (56 by Zoom and 13 by the YouTube stream.)  The recording is in the OLF YouTube channel. Because there were more registrants than seats available in our Zoom Webinar license, we used the simultaneous YouTube livestream capability in Zoom. The next FOLIO Forum is on March 27 on the Usage App (registration link), followed by MARCcat App on April 10, Project ReShare on April 24, and the FOLIO Quarterly Update on May 8. The Forum Facilitators are moving their meeting one hour earlier to 2pm (Eastern U.S. time) each Wednesday.