FOLIO Project Update – Week of May 11, 2020

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed ways to come up with a common set of post-MVP features that are needed by all current Round IV libraries. The first step will be for those institutions to catch up on feature rankings.

Dennis Bridges joined the Metadata Management SIG this week to discuss donor management needs and wishes from the MM perspective.

In addition to continuing to develop report prototypes and queries in each of its functional area subgroups, the Reporting SIG is interested in testing a variety of reporting applications to use with the Library Data Platform. The SIG has documented different ways institutions report on InterLibrary Loan data (ILL) and has attached this to ILL-related reporting JIRA issues to support local report development by each institution when they need to include ILL data. In addition, LDP version 0.7.7  has been released and fixes minor bug issues.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG discussed upgrading strategies for module reference data. At the moment, the best strategy is not to re-load reference data for upgrades, though this induces a small risk. The boundary between reference data and sample data is a gray area at the moment; there should be a clearer distinction between the two of them. Wayne will open a Discuss post for this.

Tod will attend PO meetings from time to time to learn about system changes in advance. He will report back to the SysOps SIG.