FOLIO Project Update – Week of May 18, 2020

The Resource Management SIG reviewed the work of the Item Status Group, discussed strategies for setting up testing and staging systems for libraries preparing to migrate and reviewed the need to provide cross-app search. The Acquisition Small Group reviewed improvements in the UX related to receiving. The ERM Subgroup did not meet.

Ann-Marie Breaux gave an in-depth demonstration of current and planned Data Import functionality to the Metadata Management SIG.

The Reporting SIG did not meet this week due to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. Report prototype and query development continues in all functional area reporting subgroups. The LDP team have released LDP version 0.8.3, which contains performance improvements.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG  discovered an important question — namely, what will happen with reference data if a module is upgraded. At the moment, the module upgrade is considered a failure if the upgrade of the reference data fails. However, since this may happen quite often, as system administrators make local changes to reference data (which they have to make). As this may be a nuisance for system admins, the SIG agrees that a failure to upgrade reference data should not result in a failure of the module upgrade.

Furthermore, the SIG proposes to classify three types of data to be loaded:

  • System data
  • Reference data
  • Sample data

Right now, there is only a distinction between reference data and sample data. This is a change which will affect all modules of FOLIO and is therefore considered critical. The SIG will write a proposal to the Technical Council, so that these changes will be discussed there and coordinated across the project. The new behavior about system, reference and sample data and their upgrade mechanisms should become an integral part of some future release.

The recording for the FOLIO Forum on the Inventory app and the QuickMARC app from the Forum Facilitators SIG is available: This was the second FOLIO Forum that was distributed by YouTube rather than through Zoom Webinar. We are concerned that we are missing the analytics of people that are attending, and that interested people are not getting the day-before reminders of registrations as they had with Zoom. The Forum Facilitators are continuing to evaluate the distribution mechanisms and welcome feedback.