FOLIO Project Update – Week of May 28, 2018

The OLE Summer 2019 Implementation Cohorts are working on a process to identify what may be missing from FOLIO that is needed by early implementers.

The Metadata Management SIG brought a document on the FOLIO inventory to the FOLIO Product Council and had questions. The document will be revised and shared with other SIGs for comment. Finally, a draft of the Technical Council Charter was provided to the PC for comment.

The Consortia SIG team met to discuss their approach for moving their list of prioritized features into JIRA. There are two different proposed implementation models for consortia, (single-tenant/shared model and multi-tenant/separate model), each requiring a separate approach. Multi-tenant features will be loaded into the Jira UXPROD project under a “Multi-tenant consortia” Epic. Single-tenant features are believed to be largely addressed by existing/planned FOLIO functionality. A subgroup of the Consortia SIG has been proposed to complete a gap analysis between the features list and planned functionality.

The Resource Management SIG team is continuing with ERM and Acquisitions. See recent Discuss posts on EDIclosing orders, and ERM Jira functionality.

The Resource Access SIG team is working with damaged materials and items that are incomplete.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG team reviewed items from the feature backlog spreadsheet.

The User Management SIG revisited the list of JIRA issues that needed prioritization and developed final priorities for them.