FOLIO Project Update – Week of November 12, 2018

The FOLIO Product Council heard a report from the ERM subgroup on progress.  As the project grows in scale and complexity it becomes more difficult to keep everyone on the same page.  In early December there will be a meeting in England to discuss progress and future directions.  Representatives from OLE libraries, EBSCO, Index Data, and K-Int will be there.

The FOLIO Technical Council reviewed Reporting architectures and discussed the pros/cons of various aspects and options. They are continuing to work with the Reporting SIG Product Owner to document best options and implications.

The Acquisitions Small Group and ERM Subgroup and the full Resource Management SIG met during the week. Acquisitions Small Group discussed Receiving and Check-In capabilities, with Dennis Bridges presenting mock-ups and workflow diagrams for both. Ian Ibbotson gave a brief demo of the Agreements app (renamed from ERM App) and the whole subgroup spend time reviewing license workflows and fields, work that will continue next week.

The Metadata Management SIG is working in small groups to document all the MARC to Inventory and Inventory to MARC mapping for both Instances and Holdings. This is needed for both Inventory and Data Loader.

The Reporting SIG is reviewing data warehouse reports to identify which reports require real-time data, make sure each report is assigned to a report writer, and set a Go-Live priority (P1-P5). Representatives from Duke have identified that more User Management reports may be required, so the Reporting SIG will meet with reps from the UM and RA SIGs to document these additional report requirements. The Report Prototype Subgroup is testing the new reference library reporting database using test circulation and patron data to try report creation using a variety of reporting applications, such as Tableau, Aqua Studio, MS Access, BIRT, the “R” language, PGAdmin, and Crystal Reports.

Sys Ops & Mgt SIG had a lively discussion about Source Data Integrations. Members were asked to add their integrations to a spreadsheet. We distinguished between software names and actual APIs / interfaces. The list needs to be bundled and synchronized with what is already in the FOLIO JIRA. Product Owner Harry Kaplanian will do this in January. Until then the members will complete their entries and add more information. We will meet again in early January to explain and sort our integration needs. Many interfaces have already been tagged as integration in JIRA: SLNP, RTAC, SIP2, OAI-PMH, NCIP, Z39.50, GOBI API.

Maura Byrne is the new convener of the User Management SIG, taking over for Chris Manly who has left Cornell Library.

The Community Outreach SIG discussed possible locations for WOLFcon and are exploring Philadelphia and U of Chicago as options. They looked at examples of how KoHa promotes early release implementers and are looking at similar ideas for our community, in addition to also calling out platform releases and WOLFcon attendees (with stickers, buttons, posters, etc.). They discussed the need to make it clearer to vendors who are service providers who to contact to be onboarded into the community and receive training on the platform. We will be hosting a FOLIO Forum on January 9 to go over new processes for events, resources for presentations and meetups and website tips.

The FOLIO Forum on the Roadmap update was presented by Harry Kaplanian on Wednesday, November 15 and the recording is here . The next Forum will be on December 5th. Also, the Forum Facilitators SIG group needs a few new members so let us know if you would like to join and plan the upcoming FOLIO Forums. If you have ideas for Forums for next year, or would like to participate in planning them, please let us know.