FOLIO Project Update – Week of November 4, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council discussed a request from the Reporting SIG for a Java developer, in addition to their SQL developer needs. With WOLFCon approaching, PC discussed what topics PC, PC/TC, and other related groups should plan for. Mike Gorrell provided some updates from Technical Council, and the meeting wrapped up with an update from the Chalmers implementation and some additional WOLFcon info.

The Resource Management SIG brainstormed topics for WOLFCon, and would like to do some focused walkthroughs of RM functionality as well as cross-SIG topics. The SIG is also planning to put forward some development topics for the future. The second half the meeting was spent reviewing the Organization app, based on the experiences of the 5 Colleges, as they are starting to get their ERM running. Feedback around the UI was provided to the POs.

In the ERM Subgroup, the group announced a new schedule to alternate meetings between implementation-related issues and requirements for future development. This week the group had a discussion about what apps constitute ERM. Within the App Interaction group, the group considered how to make the connection between POs and Agreement lines and how to identify inventory records tied to POs/POLs that are flagged for deletion.

The Metadata Management SIG talked about possible meeting topics for WOLFCon. The SIG is trying to focus on issues that span more than one functional area or are otherwise difficult to address in regular meetings. The SIG also looked at the thin-thread implementation of related titles (preceding and succeeding titles) in Instance records, and identified the need for at least a text field in addition to the UUID. Work on default Instance-MARC mapping is wrapping up.

The Reporting SIG discussed Metadata Management clusters and strategies for bringing MARC data into the Library Data Platform. The SIG also reviewed high priority ERM reports in preparation for upcoming ERM implementations.

The Resource Access SIG determined functionality related to circulation of items in special states and appearance and behavior of effective call number on request records. The SIG also discussed behavior of check-in and check-out notes and general documentation needs and processes. The SIG reviewed MVP slippage and potential for early implementers to reorder priorities, discussed thin thread for setting item type circulation limits, and learned about the process being used to develop integration with Caiasoft and examined resulting workflow.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG collected possible agenda items for WOLFCon meetings. Topics of interest are MVP as part of the implementation strategy, update migrations, backup strategies, database solutions and migration tools. Also extremely valuable for the attendees will be an overview of the A&M Folio infrastructure.

The next Forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG is on Data Import and Data Export – November 20, 2019.  Click for details.