FOLIO Project Update – Week of November 5, 2018

The Consortia SIG laid out concerns to the FOLIO Product Council with how FOLIO can be developed to accommodate multi-tenant installations.  Harry & Cate will take a closer look at the Jira tickets already submitted to see if any can be addressed soon.  The Special Collections & Archives Working Group gave a progress report.  They will continue to work with the other SIGs, particularly Metadata Management, to find areas of alignment with current work.

The Accessibility SIG  is waiting on the availability of more testers in the CU Accessibility Lab to start the second round of FOLIO accessibility testing.  Focus will be on the Check Out and Check In apps.

The Consortia SIG prepared the Multi-Tenant concerns document for the Product Council.

The Metadata Management SIG reports that the MARC Bib-to-Inventory and Holdings-to-Inventory mapping needs to be brought up to date. Those subgroups will reconvene in the next two weeks. David presented the current prototype and design for the MARCcat app, where we will be able to edit MARC bibliographic, holdings, and authority data.

The Reporting SIG is in the process of reviewing each of their reports for the FOLIO reporting database, prioritizing their development, and making sure a data analyst is assigned to complete each one. They are starting to see nice efficiencies developing, where one data analyst can generate one report that will be shared by 2 or 3 institutions. A Report Prototype Subgroup has been formed to work on the first reports in the FOLIO reporting database. The first end-to-end data model and report out of the FOLIO reporting database is complete (a circulation report with SQL output) and members of the Report Prototype Subgroup are using a variety of reporting applications (e.g. BIRT, Tableau, Aqua Data Studio) to test out generating this report. They will continue to build out report prototypes, data models, and reports in the FOLIO reporting database.

Wayne Schneider provided the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG with an update about ongoing work on reference data and sample data loading. Reference data will be stored with the module source code. Some capability within the RAML module builder will be used, without the need to use the API. This procedure will be more secure than the present mechanism which uses a bootstrap mechanism and scripts. Another new feature will be that modules will get their database connection on tenant initialization. This will best support tenant data separation which is done now by making use of a postgres schema. In the second half of the meeting we addressed the question of source system integrations. There is a new need to integrate archive systems like Aeon or ArchivesSpace. The SysOps SIG will survey all integrations that their institutions need and prioritize these needs in a future meeting.

Forum Facilitators SIG reports that the next Forum on the FOLIO Roadmap is on November 12th at 11am Eastern U.S. time; registration is available.  The remaining Forums for the year will cover the Open Library Foundation and a FOLIO end-of-the-year review.  If you have ideas for Forums for next year, or would like to participate in planning them, please let us know.