FOLIO Project Update – Week of October 15, 2018

The FOLIO Product Council did not meet this week.

The Consortia SIG with Harry Kaplanian on 10/15 to get an overview of the OAI-PMH project that will enable harvesting of FOLIO data. This is one possible mechanism for aggregating data from local FOLIO instances for a union catalog. Several SIG members are anxious to begin moving forward with work on multi-tenant consortial functionality as this is a critical implementation model for many consortia.

In Metadata Management SIG Filip gave a brief demonstration of the proposed behavior for lists across various apps. Ann-Marie gave an update of the latest Data Import screens and proposed functionality.

Members of the Reporting SIG are working on prioritizing reports in each of the functional areas of reports documented on the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet. Each of these reports will also be assigned in JIRA to a data analyst to research, write, and test. For the 10/22/18 meeting, we will review our progress on prioritizing and assigning reports. In addition, Reporting PO Nassib Nassar will discuss the project, which provides a foundation for the library data platform architecture for the FOLIO reference data warehouse.

In theSys Ops & Mgt SIG, Michelle Suranofsky presented the progress on the development of the FOLIO NCIP module. The entry point is being realized as an Edge Module. Edge Modules are frequently used in FOLIO to realize APIs. This Edge Module can also be utilized to realize a SIP2 module. For the Lookup User service, the module is ready for a code review.  The requests to the Edge Module (made e.g. by an ILL system) are passed to the NCIP Module. The NCIP module makes use of the XC NCIP Toolkit. This toolkit breaks up the request into the different NCIP services and maps each NCIP service to a Service Handler (a Java class). The mapping is configurable. A demo was provided by Michelle.

The User Management SIG had a brief call this week in which we did introductions with Tania Fersenheim as the incoming Users app Product Owner.

The Forum Facilitators SIG reports that the recording for this week’s FOLIO Forum on plans for Single Tenant Consortia configuration is on YouTube: On October 31st we will have a FOLIO Forum with updates on the awardees of the FOLIO Innovation Grants; the registration link will be available shortly.

The Community Outreach SIG is on the calendar to host a FOLIO Forum in January to go over new processes for submitting to conferences and planning meetups, and to highlight other aspects covered by the SIG, including communication channels (especially the new website).

Work continues on defining how the Camunda workflow engine will perform FOLIO transactions in the Workflow Proof-of-Concept.