FOLIO Project Update – Week of October 21, 2019

The FOLIO Implementation Group focused on integrations and discussed how to work together and know which institution is working on any specific integration. The FIG is recommending to the PC that the SIGs take a look at the integrations in their area and make sure that there are user stories that reflect their needs. The FIG is also recommending to the SysOps SIG that an additional column be added to their integrations spreadsheet to show which institution is working on an integration.

The Reporting SIG reviewed Resource Management reports and organized them into report clusters to streamline query development. The Report Prototype Workgroup finished JIRA ticket UXPROD-2133 in consultation with Emma Boettcher and Marc Johnson. A small group will solution delivering 3 LDP reports that must be GDPR-compliant and are ranked for go-live. LDP software developers are working on a solution for bringing ERM data into the LDP. Additional data analysts are needed from participating institutions for LDP report prototype and query development.

Ingolf Kuss of the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG reported about the status of the GBV implementation. Database clustering is a topic on which TAMU, Lehigh and GBV will work. TAMU will use an enterprise level postgres (also open source), and all three plan to use pgpool.

Upgrading modules is still considered too complicated. The SIG hopes to get support for upgrading with migrating the module data in Q4. Discussion also took place about the Reporting LDP and Integrations. Streaming data into the LDP now works, and SIP2 integration is live at Chalmers. The SIG will re-meet about integrations as soon as more institutions have implemented more integrations.

The recording of the October 23 FOLIO Forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG on the Roadmap Update and ERM App demonstrations is available: The forum facilitators are still planning a November Forum.