FOLIO Project Update – Week of October 22, 2018

In the FOLIO Product Council, Jakub Skoczen discussed the critical need for more DevOps personnel.  Anton Emelianov and Cate Boerema gave an update on the Quality Dashboard and weekly status issues.  Kristin Martin proposed a new structure for the Acquisitions sub-group of the Resource Management SIG, which was approved by the PC.

The FOLIO Technical Council reviewed the approach being used for the Library Data Platform – which will create a reference reporting solution and discussed how it fits with pre-existing plans for reporting infrastructure for FOLIO. There are some open questions which are being explored. They also received an update on the Workflow Proof of Concept, which is roughly ½ way done.

The Accessibility SIG  reports that the second round of FOLIO testing will be conducted on the following apps in the CU Boulder Accessibility Lab next week: Check-in, Check-out, and Requests.

Sebastian Hammer joined the Metadata Management SIG this week for an introduction to and discussion of the ReShare Project, with a particular focus on overlap between ReShare and FOLIO’s Inventory.

Reporting SIG Product Owne Nassib Nassar provided an overview of the project, which provides a foundation for the library data platform architecture for the FOLIO reference data warehouse. Glint is open source software for communicating, describing, and integrating data. Reporting SIG members asked questions about how Glint might best be leveraged for use with the Library Data Platform for Reporting. SIG members continue to prioritize and assign reporting requirements.

The Resource Access SIG had discussions of notice logic and indicated a need for underlying decisions and info. Requests work included review of check-in modals and consideration of interaction with items states. They reviewed mock-ups of request policies and discussed a location for related calendar exceptions. The looked at Set-up for a Circ Rule Exercise, to enable deeper understanding and further development of loan rules.

The Community Outreach SIG reports that it looks like May 1-3 are the dates that work for everyone for WOLFcon. They are looking at venues in Chicago and Austin that are affordable and can accommodate our size. They are working on a poster that will highlight the flower convention naming for the platform releases. It will include icons for each release that the community can use.  Forum Facilitators subgroup report that the next FOLIO Forum will be on Wednesday, October 31 on the FOLIO Innovation Grants sponsored by EBSCO.  Registration.

Work continues on the implementation of two workflows in the proof-of-concept (PoC):  a claimed returned process and a purchase suggestion request.  The PoC has also been trialing the use of the Spring Framework for Okapi modules.  The consultant and the developers from TAMU have started answering the questions set out in the PoC statement of work.