FOLIO Project Update – Week of October 28, 2019

The FOLIO Technical Council is making progress on the Real-Life Load Testing Environment. The TC also discussed the Core Review process and recommendations by Jono Bacon (a consultant for FOLIO Stakeholders). Regarding FOLIO infrastructure in AWS, 40% of instances are now reserved (cheaper) and increasing as workloads can be added to cluster.

The main Resource Management SIG did not meet, nor did the Acquisitions Small Group. The ERM subgroup and the App Interaction group reviewed the connection between purchase order lines and agreement lines, and considered the parameters for creating such links, as well as the best way of representing them.

The Metadata Management SIG reviewed proposed changes to item record blocks following the card sort and expressed some concerns around both consistency across record types/apps and displaying both editable and non-editable data in the same accordion. The SIG thanks Cate for attending and hearing these concerns. Ann-Marie Breaux will share a poll to gather preferences for how to map genre/form terms into Instance data.

The Reporting SIG reviewed External Statistics reports to cluster for streamlined query development. The Report Prototype Work Group updated status on its current list of query development projects. LDP Software Developers are adding substantially more tables to the development LDP environment for report query testing.

The Resource Access SIG and Course Reserves small group did not meet this week, but the Fine Report small group has finished their work – see RA – Fine Reports Small Group Fall 2019 – Summary. The Fast Add small group met to discuss input requirements and form.

The November forum from the Forum Facilitators SIG will be on data import and export from FOLIO. The date is tentatively scheduled for November 20; more details to follow.