FOLIO Project Update – Week of October 29, 2018

The FOLIO Technical Council was updated on the state of the ERM discussions taking place between EBSCO, GBV and RM SIG convener/members. They also discussed FOLIO Reporting architecture and a draft document that the community can use to reconcile technologies that have been discussed (data lake vs data warehouse vs message queue, etc.) so the product council can set direction on which pieces will be part of a FOLIO release/system and which pieces will be the responsibility of the library and/or service provider.

The Consortia SIG had a follow-up discussion on a few points related to the Reshare presentation/discussion with Sebastian Hammer the previous week. SIG members look forward to seeing this effort progress and are open to opportunities to participate in its development. Consortia SIG has also raised discussion about what work can be done towards the realization of a multi-tenant (a.k.a. “Shared tenant”, a.k.a. “Cross tenant”) implementation model. This is the model that several consortia represented on the call are interested in (and expect that other consortia would be as well). SIG members will put together a summary statement for the Product Council in advance of their November 8th meeting.

The Metadata Management SIG viewed and gave feedback on default list behaviors and reference tables for Holdings elements (i.e. default values for drop-down menus/pick lists). They hope to review “Parking Lot’ issues in the near future.

The Reporting Prototype subgroup of the Reporting SIG is working together to test out building circulation reports in the Library Data Platform (LDP) environment. The SIG has added a Feature Request page to the wiki to capture future reporting development requests. Reporting requirements added as Imports and Exports are being cross-checked against tasks identified by the Data Import subgroup. The SIG revisited the subject of “real-time” reporting, as it has been determined that this may be time consuming to implement and the SIG should consider its priority relative to other requirements; the group will review reports that require real-time data to determine next steps.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG met and had an update on deployment progress in the member institutions. Some of the group are planning to replicate the Kubernetes with Rancher setup which has been explored by Texas A&M. Mark Stacy from the University of Colorado at Boulder has done an alternative installation using docker-compose. An issue with using FOLIO as a SAML service provider was clarified by the group.

The User Management SIG had a presentation on statistical categories as they have been designed for Inventory, to see if it is a good place to start for user statistical categories.  We also revisited the Department field and Deceased flag.  This was Chris’s last meeting as convener.  A new convener needs to be identified.

The Community Outreach SIG discussed creating visuals for each release, using the flower release names. They are creating badges for each release that can be used publicly, but also with the idea that internally can be attached to the releases. They will live on the Resources section of the website. We also discussed the need to have a Wikipedia entry for the project in English (we discovered that there is already an entry in German). Peter Murray is taking the lead on this effort. We are gearing up for the Charleston Conference – look for live tweeting during the event. Recording of this week’s FOLIO Forum on the FOLIO Innovation Grants sponsored by EBSCO is here:  The next FOLIO Forum is the Roadmap Update on November 14, 2018; registration link is