FOLIO Project Update – Week of October 7, 2019

FOLIO Project Report – October 11, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council meets every Thursday. Every second Thursday each month, the Product Council invites SIG conveners for updates.  At last week’s meeting, the SIGs reported that they are  actively working to ensure that the FOLIO MVP will meet the requirements for the early implementers.

The FOLIO Implementation Group meeting was deferred so members could attend the Sprint Review. Next week, there will be a continuation of sharing information regarding local data decisions. Harry will attend to talk about the Reverse RFP.

It was a light week for the Resource Management SIG. The ERM subgroup discussed the addition of start and end dates to agreement lines, which should be helpful dealing with different types of packages and terms that vary over time. The Acquisitions Small Group continued conversation around fiscal year rollover. The larger SIG and the App Interaction subgroup did not meet.

The Metadata Management SIG looked at search and filter enhancements. They also discussed the “withdrawn” item status with Emma Boettcher.

The Reporting SIG reviewed Metadata Management report requirements and proposed report clusters this week. They will do the same for Resource Management reports next week. The Report Prototype Working Group reviewed the current status of current report prototypes and queries being developed. The Loans Product Owner and Developer will join RPWG this week to address questions about FOLIO data attributes related to loans.

The Resource Access SIG reviewed search fields and filters needed for inventory item search with Charlotte. They continued work on reports and notices. They also continued discussions on patron blocks, claims returned and delivery request functionality.  Course reserve and fine reports small groups continue to meet.  An on the fly small group will meet beginning October 11.

The Forum Facilitators SIG report that registration is now open for the October 23rd FOLIO Roadmap Update and demonstrations of the ERM apps: