FOLIO Project Update – Week of September 16, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council has been getting weekly updates from Chalmers as they close in on their September 30 implementation.  Their implementation is surfacing a number of bugs and issues that are being triaged by the product owners and development teams. Peter Murray gave an update on the transfer of OLF assets and digital tools since the departure of Mike Winkler.

Holly Mistlebauer reviewed the MVP and must-have feature gaps process, particularly focusing on how to address “needed one quarter after go live” features. These features will need to be separately prioritized and will not all be completed by the end of Q3 2020.  Institutions should ensure that these features are important but can wait for more than one quarter after go-live without additional significant challenge.

The Reporting SIG needs individuals experienced in SQL to write reports. Ideally this would involve individuals who could dedicate at least 25% FTE time each.

Harry Kaplanian also asked for help with sections of the Reverse RFP document.

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed the new Jira project “DEBT” that now holds all Tech Debt items. Q4 activity will be prioritized in next week’s meeting.

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed taking the Trello board and adding a timing element (for example, how many quarters before go-live an institution would need to load their user data).

The Metadata Management SIG held a discussion with the Capacity Planning Team about significant features not currently included in cap-mvp.

The Reporting SIG needs data analysts to join the Report Prototype Working group to assist in the development of report prototypes and queries. In addition, the LDP SysOps group would like sysadmins who are setting up the LDP at their institution to join this group to collaborate on best practices. The SIG has identified several useful SQL training resources to help data analysts gain the skills for LDP prototype and query development.

The Resource Access SIG conducted a cap-mvp review and held discussions of fine/fee requirements and reports. The SIG also created two new sub-groups to review fine/fee in-app report and on-the fly records.

The Sys Ops & Mgt SIG reviewed the MVP Responses and agreed that most SysOps-related concerns have been taken care of. The SIG considers database schema upgrades the most important task. Batch Loading APIs have to be developed by the FOLIO team(s), and migration tools themselves will be developed by the libraries as they migrate.

Harry Kaplanian walked the SIG through the missing sections of the RFP, and Phil Robinson reviewed the document. SysOps needs to know more about LDP architecture and installation; Nassib Nassar will provide a walkthrough in a near-future session. SysOps should add documentation on system settings and configuration (RAM, CPU, how many docker hosts are recommended etc.

The most recent Forum recording from the Forum Facilitators SIG is on YouTube: FOLIO User Experience Design and Accessibility Update ( The next forum is tentatively scheduled for October 23rd as a FOLIO Roadmap Update.