FOLIO Project Update – Week of September 2, 2019

The FOLIO Product Council discussed a draft Code of Conduct. Peter Murray will convene a small group to review and revise, then propose. There is a Code for FOLIO that is out of date. The draft is based on those of Islandora and Code4Lib.

Leipzig will fund a much-needed Technical Writer. Harry Kaplanian will work with them to iron out the details.

Mike Gorrell updated PC on how higher priority Technical Debt remediation has been worked into the MVP and other upcoming development.

Chalmers is in the middle of implementing and they will provide updates as the process continues.

Institutions had until September 6th to provide any additional notes or details to the MVP and Must-have feature gaps process. The Capacity Planning Team will update the development plans over the coming week and present to PC. Institutions have until October 2nd to identify as go/no go institutions for the MVP.

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed the draft Code of Conduct as well as the Technical Debt list and the top items’ MVP status. These items were reported to the PC. Four of the top six issues are actively being worked and/or in the MVP set. Two items (optimistic locking and real-life load testing) will need to be addressed in Q1 or Q2 of 2020.

The ERM Subgroup of the Resource Management SIG started a discussion around Agreements: when should they be left open, extended with new terms, or closed and linked to a new agreement. Subgroup members are asked to present use cases by next Wednesday’s meeting. The Acquisitions Small Group discussed multi-title check-in encumbrances for ongoing orders. The larger RM SIG enjoyed a demo of work done on Organizations at Texas A&M.

The Metadata Management SIG discussed permissions, particularly concerning deletion of records in Inventory with underlying source records represented in other apps (e.g., MARCcat). We will conduct a complete review of metadata-related permissions across apps in a future meeting.

The Report Prototype Work Group in the Reporting SIG is completing prototypes and queries for high priority reports. New test data and the anonymization of personal data have been implemented in the shared LDP data warehouse environment.

The Resource Access SIG finalized requirements for behavior of call numbers in RA environments, determined performance requirements for check-in and check-out at per UICHKIN-112 and decided requirements for claim returned in-app report: fields, location.