FOLIO Project Update – Week of September 23, 2019

The FOLIO Technical Council discussed the Tech Debt item “Lack of Real-Life load test Scenarios” (DEBT-6) and brainstormed about what could be done for Q4. The SIG agreed to try and define a set of 5 Circulation-based scenarios and then create an environment, assemble data, and create and run those scenarios under different load conditions.

The FOLIO Implementation Group discussed storage of MARC holdings and how the decisions made in FOLIO affect implementations.

The ERM Subgroup of the Resource Management SIG continued to look through use cases and examples of how to model real-word packages within Agreements. The Acquisitions Small Group reviewed fields needed for receiving and discussed fiscal year roll over. The main group did not meet this week, as POs were busy finalizing the Daisy release.

The Reporting SIG reviewed Resource Access reports that did not fit into a cluster category and made decisions about the next steps to take with these reports. This is part of a larger project to group all reports into clusters to streamline the report query writing process currently underway in the Report Prototype Working Group.

Charlotte Whitt met with the Resource Access SIG to discuss her proposed improvements to inventory. The SIG determined functionality requirements for an alternate loan period at renewal for items with an active or pending hold requests.

The SIG also held Discussions on Requests on new item statuses, permitted actions on claim returned and declared lost items, and questions related to call number display/behavior in item record display.

The course reserves sub-group explored the LTI standard and examined Ares functionality. The SIG has also generated 3 additional short-term sub-groups:

  • The first is continuing the discussion of Improving Inventory search for items.
  • The second will discuss a group of ‘cash drawer’ related reports that had been relegated to the LDP, but must be run with live data to be effective.
  • The third is a cross-SIG group that will set requirements for Fast Add/On the fly records (UXPROD-1057 ). This group is currently seeking representation from RM.

Ingolf Kuss of the Sys Ops & Mgt SIG presented a summary of the E.U. General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). He pointed to some particularities that apply to the processing of personal data for statistical purposes.