FOLIO Project Update – Week of September 24, 2018

In the Product Council, Anton Emelianov presented the first draft of the Quality Dashboard for feedback.  The group was enthusiastic about the work.  The Dashboard won’t be public for the next few Sprints, as there is still some clean up to be done before it can be considered up to date.

The Technical Council discussed onboarding in terms of its potential impact on the Core Development Team as well as how we need to handle code repository privileges (Pull requests, etc.). Further discussion is required. They also discussed the “Definition of Done” comments made by a few team leads and looked at questions around enforcement vs encouragement. Further review is planned in coming weeks.

In the Accessibility SIG, John Coburn is researching an approach to hotkeys/shortcuts. Rasmus was able to eliminate the redundant information that the screen reader reads when navigating the main toolbar. Khalilah held meetings with Filip, John Coburn, Jeffrey, and Charlotte regarding CU Boulder lab’s accessibility and usability findings. They are currently adding user stories to the backlog to address findings in the next round of testing.  Khalilah will follow up with Anton on possible testing question collaboration.

The Consortia SIG met with Cate Boerema on September 26th to review the current thinking around data segmentation and access controls in a single tenant implementation model. Cate presented her slide deck, which is a good preliminary picture to help interested consortia understand if this implementation model is a good match for their needs. Interested individuals are welcome to review the corresponding slide deck and add comments/questions directly to it.

Report Prototype small group of the Reporting SIG continues to work on prototypes for 2 circulation reports. Holly Mistlebauer is loading ID numbers for reporting requirements documented in the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet into the FOLIO JIRA system for tracking purposes.

The Resource Access SIG is working on Patron Notice Logic – Fee/Fine – policies and manual charges, review of Fast Adds, Shelving lag time, service point/location relationship, Manual patron block requirements, potential use of reporting tools (e.g. crystal reports) for patron notices [SIG rejected this possibility for multiple reasons], and began a discussion of item states display needs.